Regain control over your pain and your life.

Any chronic pain, even minor pain, will eventually erode your sense of safety and well being and bring on depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness.  I can work with you to restore hope by providing you some control over your experience of pain. EMDR Therapy provides a new and powerful approach to working with chronic pain.  The theory for this approach to treatment is that there is a difference between current pain and remembered pain.


Current pain is physiological and needs to be treated through medical intervention.  Frequently, people who suffer from chronic pain will report that the pain medications “take the edge off” but don’t eliminate the pain.  Further study seems to indicate that “taking the edge off” is the result of pain medications blocking the current pain whereas the continued discomfort appears to be a triggered response that activates remembered pain.


EMDR allows the chronic pain sufferer to access, desensitize and reprocess the memories of earlier pain and reduce the associated trauma.  As the trauma is reduced, the somatic experience of pain associated with the memory is also reduced.  The combination of medical intervention and EMDR treatment reduces the experience of both the current and remembered pain and allows the person to get on with their life.


You don’t have to be a victim of your trauma and pain. You can regain control over your pain and your life, and I would love to help you do that.