My fee for individual therapy is $125.00 for a fifty minute session and $175 for an eighty minute session. I accept checks or cash with exact change. Credit card processing will be available soon. Payment is due at the beginning of each session so that the rest of the time in the session can be devoted to therapy. Consultations with other professionals, telephone calls, requested reports, etc. will be pro-rated. Time spent involved in any way with legal proceedings is billed at two hundred fifty ($250) per hour.




I do not currently participate in any insurance panels. I can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider to seek reimbursement. It is up to you to check with your insurance provider about your coverage for out of network providers and their services. If your company requests more information than is provided on the receipt, I will provide a brief summary of treatment and an explanation of why further treatment would be beneficial; I will not provide a treatment plan or therapy notes. You retain ultimate responsibility for payment for services if your insurance company decides that this documentation does not meet their requirements for coverage of your treatment.


Therapy Forms

Please download, print and review the following forms. If you do not have the ability to do so, these forms will be provided and reviewed during our first session together.


Intake Form

HIPAA Notice

Disclosure Statement

Confidentiality Statement