You can cherish all of life’s moments . . . even loss.

Grief is the way that humans respond to loss.  The more profound the loss, the more severe the grieving.  Normally this grief will pass in time as the individual makes meaning of the loss.  When this process does not complete successfully or gets stuck along the way, Grief Therapy can be very helpful in reducing suffering and restoring a degree of normality to your life.


Grief Therapy begins with Talk Therapy but other forms of therapy such as EMDR, TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Narrative may be used to work with specific issues that are confounding the normal progression of the grieving process.


I want you to be able to view your life as moments.  Life is about ‘moments.’  You have memories of successful and happy moments which have been stolen from you by grief and loss.  I can help you see that the loss is just another moment.  The loss moment can be processed in the same way that traumatic memories are processed so that the loss becomes a meaningful member of your collection of moments.  You can then cherish all of your moments including the moment of loss as valuable and meaningful experiences in a life fully lived.